Your Personal Tailoring Experience
Your Personal Tailoring Experience

A bespoke suit is one of the greatest investments a man can make.
 It’s like owning the best first impression money can buy.

Considered one of the UK’s most trusted Suit Tailors, Harris Bespoke offers a vast selection of Bespoke Suits & Smart Casual for Businesswear, alongside an elegant collection of Bespoke Wedding Suits

How it Works


Harris Bespoke Suit Businesswear Consultation

We begin with an initial telephone consultation with one of our menswear experts, whose aim it is to discover a little more about your personal clothing needs.

Based on your answers, your tailor will then advise you on the best colours, patterns and styles for what you are looking to achieve.  

Next they will recommend which of our products would be most suitable for you.


Harris Bespoke Suit Fabrics

We help guide you through the design and selection process of choosing the perfect fabric, lining, buttons and style for your requirements, whether it’s for businesswear, smart casual or wedding suits.  

By utilising the latest technology, we can then give you a digital representation of your chosen outfits for approval.

We then take over 32 of your unique measurements and schedule your first fitting for 6 weeks later.


Harris Bespoke Suit Tailor

With the option of either Handmade Bespoke or Semi Bespoke, all of our clothing is cut from scratch for you, to your unique requirements.  

We use the finest quality materials; including trims, buttons, threads, zips along with a floating horsehair canvas from Kufner in Germany.

Our artisan tailors use extensive hand-stitching throughout the main stress areas, including the collar and shoulders for superior comfort and a commanding silhouette.

Fitting & Delivery

Harris Bespoke Businesswear

The fitting is where we hone in on your unique template and preferences and confirm the final details.  This typically includes sleeve and trouser length along with any other minor adjustments, to ensure exceptional fit and comfort.

Our generous satisfaction guarantee means that once we have delivered your garments, you have 6 months to request any further minor adjustments free of charge.



Our handmade bespoke suits echo the time-honoured methods of traditional hand tailoring.  The garments in this construction are hand cut and hand matched, taking into consideration an infinite number of fit, style and figuration options to create a unique, one of a kind garment that looks timelessly elegant and feels amazingly comfortable to wear.

We use a floating horsehair full-canvas and hand stitching throughout to ensure unrivalled breathability and comfort whilst retaining a superior silhouette.

Suits from £2250


Our semi bespoke collection combines the benefits of modern CAD design with traditional craftsmanship, allowing you to design your perfect outfit from our range of high quality fabrics for suits, smart casual and formalwear.

The clothing in this range is cut from scratch for you, with a floating horsehair half-canvas and hand stitching through the main stress areas to create a garment that adapts and moulds to your shape offering exceptional comfort and fit.

Suits from £1250


Our online tailoring service offers a choice of over 200 fabrics for suits and casual jackets along with hundreds of styling options.  In construction, the garments are bench and machine made (made-to-measure) with a lightly fused canvas. 

Made to order to 12 of your unique measurements and hundreds of styling options with the convenience of our online design platform, self-measure guide and delivered to your door in as little as 4 weeks.

Alterations by appointment or post (charges apply)

Suits from £650

Need help with your businesswear or designing your wedding suit?


Need help with your businesswear or designing your wedding suit?