How often should you dry-clean your Suits?

Brook Harris – Head of Tailoring

15th June 2020

How often should you dry-clean your suits?

Well, the truth is, suits should not be dry-cleaned often.

For many people I know on and around Savile Row, that means once every six months – for others, it means never!

The long and short of it is that dry cleaning will damage your suit. After all it is being washed around in a tub full of chemicals – but far more damaging is the pressing afterwards. Most dry cleaners use a hot press to stamp the entire garment flat. This ruins the collar, shoulders and chest of a suit and removes all the natural shape.
Pressing also compresses the individual fibres, causing the suit to go shiny and the fabric to weaken. Luckily, most good quality suits are made from Wool, Cotton, Linen or some other natural fibres – meaning that they will naturally cleanse themselves.
The best way to clean your suits is to use a handheld steamer and good old-fashioned clothes brush. A damp sponge and water should get rid of most marks. Alternatively, use real lemon juice for oil based stains or a small amount of white spirit on tougher marks and stains like chewing gum. A gentle iron through a towel will put the crease back into the front of the trousers. Then just remember to leave the garment to air in a dry place for a few days for all the moisture to evaporate.
The great news is you can then reinvest all your saved dry cleaning bills on getting better quality suits which will last longer and look and feel better!
Brook Harris

Brook Harris

Head of Tailoring