The Truth About Why Your Suits Aren’t Lasting

Claire Harris – Head of Operations

26th August 2020

10 Top tips to care for your suit


A suit is not only a considerable financial investment but also an investment in your career. Wearing a good suit can influence how you are viewed by others and perhaps, more importantly, how you feel about yourself. Therefore, it is important to protect that investment to get the best return. Here are our 10 top tips on how to care for your suit.

1 - Use a Clothes Brush

Typically suits are made from wool or other natural fibres which have some natural loft. Over time these fibres can become compressed which weakens the fabric and makes it more susceptible to going shiny or tearing. Occasionally brushing with a soft bristle clothes brush is a gentle way to help remove any dirt, dust or marks, whilst also lifting the fibres improving the condition of the cloth.

2 – Don’t Over-Wear

Wool is also a self cleansing material. Unlike cotton, which retains moisture and should be washed regularly, the natural oils in wool help disperse moisture and odours when given enough time to rest.

If you over-wear a suit, the moisture absorbed from the environment is retained causing it to crease more easily and increases the risk of the fabric tearing in the areas that tend to rub together – this is why some men find their trousers wear through quickly when wearing the same suit over and over again! To get the best value from your suit you should allow it to rest for 6-10 days between wears.


3 – Buy a Second Trouser

As it is typically the trousers that wear out first, investing in a second pair can be a good way to help you to give each pair enough rest between wears.


4 – Hang your Trousers Upside Down

Using a suit hanger with a trouser clip (or bar) and hanging your trousers upside down from the bottom or hem will allow the weight of the waistband to remove the creases that can gather behind the knee and in the crotch.


5 – Steam Clean Only

Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals which weaken the suit fabric and strip away those self cleansing natural oils. With the knowledge that wool is self cleansing, you shouldn’t have to clean your suits all that often, but, if you find you get caught in a rain shower, or it’s been a particularly hot day, you might want to give your suit a freshen up – so try hanging it in the bathroom when taking a shower. The steam will naturally penetrate the fibres and assist in the cleansing process. You can also buy a handheld clothes steamer which works similar to an iron without the metal press. (Don’t, whatever you do, use an iron on your suit!)


6 – Use a Trouser Press

A quality trouser press with wood and padding can help restore the crease in the front and back of your trouser without causing damage to the fibres. Just be sure to brush the trousers before you press them, to remove any dirt, and again after, to allow the fibres to loft again.


7 – Blot Stains Immediately and Use Lemon Juice on Oils

Most water based stains can be removed by blotting the suit with a damp flannel. If you end up with an oil based dressing or sauce stain, try real lemon juice before blotting with water. As an absolute last resort you can try a dry cleaner but just understand it is not something to do regularly.


8 – Store your Suit in a Breathable Garment Bag

If you’re not regularly wearing your suits or have a seasonal wardrobe, it’s a good idea to store unused items in a breathable suit bag. This will help protect against smells, insects and grubby children’s hands whilst still allowing the suit to breathe and not become damp.


9 – Unbutton your Suit Jacket Before Sitting Down

This will help stop the button coming loose or the jacket pulling or creasing. Just remember to button it up again when you stand up!


10 – Always Hang your Jacket

Always hang your jacket on a suitable hanger! One which supports the shoulders.

Don’t hang your jacket by the tab inside the collar or over the back of your chair as this will cause the shoulders to become misshaped and the collar to crease.

Claire Harris

Claire Harris

Head of Operations